Dubai, the rare jewel of the Arabian Gulf!

Dubai offers rich grounds for all wealthy individuals and organizations. A luxury lifestyle with the only limitation being your imagination.

Golden Arteries

All worthy success stories begin with “I started from nothing and worked my way to wealth”. This story applies to Dubai. Not so long ago the city was mostly known for its harsh climate and endless desert dunes. Now Dubai is considered the icon of success and the dream city of the Middle East. The City began as a leader’s dream and now is the rare jewel of Arabia. The city now is a magnet for dreamers and a library stacked with biographies of dream chasers who left their signature in different sectors.

Let’s imagine a road stretching as far as the eyes can see. Now let’s imagine this road surrounded by tall structures. A symbol of evolution, human sophistication and modern architecture. This story of a man’s dream is now a reality. A reality named after the dreamer himself. Sheikh Zayed Road has the highest number of skyscrapers in Dubai and is considered the main artery of the city.  It is popular with both commercial and residential Skyscrapers. Sheikh Zayed Road connects the old city to the modern city. From Diera to Palm Jumeirah. An evolution of success that can be witnessed within a 20 mins drive.

Unlimited opportunities

On each break of dawn comes a new opportunity for citizens and residents of Dubai. The city is always encouraging new ideas. The privet sector offers equal competition and is not set on monopoly. The public sector is highly organized and the government is on constant demand for higher level of quality service.

Affordable Luxury

Dubai offers affordable luxury compared to other regions as luxury products such as luxury brands, super cars and high end real estate developments are not taxed as it is in Europe and other nations around the world. The only form of tax in UAE is 5% VAT and it does not apply on income or profit. VAT only applies on purchases of products or services and is refunded for tourists from most retail shops.  Dubai offers a safe haven in terms of relocating assets as the United Arab Emirates is famous with its geopolitical stability and national security. Crimes such as thefts and murders are rare if not existing. The City is heavy secured and deep pocketed individuals can comfortably show their wealth without facing prejudice or judgement. High quality of living is vivid on each corner and markets are always flooded with consumers.

Hard working Leaders

A good manager is that who has a group of talented people working for him and has the skills of getting the maximum results from his team. A leader is that who has people follow him. The UAE leaders lead by example rather than simply managing their citizens. His Highness Shiekh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum the ruler of Dubai is on constant working mindset. He strives for success every morning he wakes up. He works for his people and expects them to work on consistency of performance. As per his own Statement on this topic “Every Morning when the gazelle wakes up in Africa, It makes sure to out run the fastest lion or it will be killed. Every Morning in Africa when a lion wake up it makes sure to out run the slowest gazelle or the lion will starve. In United Arab Emirates and Dubai, I don’t care if you are a gazelle or lion. When you wake up you better start running”Mohammed bin Rashid al Maktoum

Self-made and not born with a Golden spoon

Many mistake the reason behind Dubai’s success to the discovery of oil in the 1970s but the reality is quite different. It is true that the city was gifted with a God given blessing of black gold but that was not the complete story. The leaders of Dubai knew from day one that Oil is not going to last forever and they must act immediately to ensure economic stability for generations to come. Dubai economy is only 1% oil. The majority of the GDP is dependent on Travel/Tourism, Real Estate and property, Construction, Trade in Gold/Diamond, and Industry/Manufactory.

The city has taken the weakness of having a hard climate and transformed it into an opportunity to be a tourist attraction and a home to many different nationalities living in harmony and peace. Due to the hard work and high expectations set by its leaders, Dubai transformed the fantasy of peaceful living from a romantic science fiction tale into a real life scenario. Most recent prove to this peace is the Abraham accord peace treaty between UAE and Israel. Israeli citizens are welcomed with open hands and open mindedness. The Country has proved that everything is possible as long as good intentions are there.